Let SAFE turn your lockers into assets

SAFE is a digital locker management solution that keeps financial security on the cutting edge. Enabling 'Locker Facility', providers gain control over the entire locker management system.

"Locker management wins games, but going digital wins championships"


How does a 'Locker Request' happen manually?

Let all the on-paper work fly, with SAFE taking locker application forms digitally.

  • Enable form filling through 'Online Interface' or 'Direct Walk-in'
  • Intimation of 'Waiting List' confirmation while checking for locker availability status
  • Fetch a customer's profile from Core Banking System (or) CRM
  • Manage caution deposit, advance payment & rent receivables
  • Locker ID allocation

SAFE fits the puzzle pieces together.

With a centralized execution of locker management, SAFE provides easy management of customer data.

  • Search for customer profile by Locker No. / Customer Name / Customer ID
  • Facilitate operational ease with a graphical dashboard
  • Manage locker access and blocking & unblocking of Lockers
  • Take control of key lost charges and break opens
  • Track & audit trail of locker access through date and time searches

Locker Access is easy, but monitoring customer activity?

That's easy too.. with SAFE. Rent collection and tracking arrears go a long way when it comes to digital tracking.

  • Map customer ID with CBS Savings A/C for periodic rent debit
  • Provide forceful debit of rent within intrabank CBS Savings A/Cs
  • Generate over 40+ reports and gain complete visibility over your locker management function
  • Monitor process flow and function through an easy to use mobile application
  • Get instant notifications on new requests, rent collections and arrears amongst other prompts

SAFE takes care of unavoidable market scenarios digitally.

Closing lockers and customer accounts can become tiresome when done manually, with heaps of forms to fill.

  • Process 'Account Closure' requests
  • Refund caution deposit & rent balance to customer A/C
  • Generate 'closure letter' with customer details automatically fed into system
  • Send email notifications to customers through CBS with 'closure letter' attached
  • Make claims and settlements to nominees during unavoidable market scenarios

SAFE in Your Pockets

Lockers are classified based on locker status, collection and arrear details. SAFE's auto STP scheduler feature collect lockers rent and sends SMS alerts to follow-up arrear customers. The graphical display of locker status can be viewed branch wise, divisional wise and corporate office wise. SAFE also provides an option to check customer profile and locker details.

SAFE Online

Make a request for lockers online.
Check locker status and choose locker size based on requirement. Break open notice period and charges are checked. 'Rent Collections' can be scheduled & automated from a centralized system.

What's On Your Mind ?

  • Can SAFE integrate with our existing software system?

    Yes. Any existing software can be integrated with our product without losing any information during data migration.

  • How does SAFE define our unique selling proportion (USP)?

    Enhancing security around your service through a comprehensive solution can be a 'unique selling proposition' (USP) for your bank and other service providers.

  • How does SAFE map information from multiple branches?

    SAFE maintains a centralized database of applicants. This enables visibility of data in the same platform through multiple branches. Duplication of data is thereby avoided.

  • Does SAFE operate well on high load capacity ?

    SAFE controls the performance of your server with Straight Through Process (STP), which executes 'Rent Collections' based on 'load capacity' of your server without affecting other dependent and functional programs that might require processing speed/space.

  • How does SAFE define our Unique Selling Proportion (USP)?

    When your bank has all locker operations digitized, this becomes a unique selling point when compared to competitors who are still using the traditional locker management system.

  • How does SAFE map information from multiple branches?

    A centralized control provision helps schedule and automate operations from a single location to multiple branches. The business rules for this process can be defined for each branch, based on various factors.