•   Credit Monitoring Protect your loan porfolio
  •   NPA Management Prevent potential NPAs
  •   NPA Management Mitigate business risk

Proactively monitor credit & potential NPAs and reduce risk during the repayment period.

SysArc's Credit Monitoring & NPA Management system is an intuitive application integrated with our Loan Origination & Loan Management solutions ensuring seamless interaction.


Credit Monitoring system allows users to keep track of interest payments and other key considerations during the repayment period.

  • An integrated system that is automatically activated from the loan commencement date.
  • Allows prediction of NPA and provides alerts through role, branch & region ­specific notifications.
  • Ensure accuracy and total system coverage when there is an impact.

NPA Management helps monitor, analyze and plot a course of action for accounts classified as Non-Performing Assets (NPA).

  • Assists lenders in sending legal notices to defaulting borrowers.
  • Enables lenders to maintain legal documentation and case history details within the system for any on­going or previous law-suit.
  • Personalize business rules and monitor accounts based on pre­defined parameters.
  • Ability to integrate with all LENDperfect © solutions and also interface with any existing Loan Origination or Loan Management System.

Key Benefits

The solution assists you in effectuating the following operational instances
  • Creating ‘compromise proposals’
  • Pursuing legal action in regulation with the SARFAESI Act
  • Filing of law suit by cumulating the right reports and commencing the process
  • Prudential write­-offs
  • Creating of Status Notes on NPA accounts
  • Generating RBI specific reports consolidating journal entries based on your preferences

Why Credit Monitoring & NPA Management?

"The increase in NPAs (within the banking sector) has been the highest in Q1 FY18 witnessing an increase of about 16.6 per cent to reach ₹8,29,338 crore as of June 2017. Experts predict NPAs to reach an all­time high of 20% if banks fail to find a solution to mitigate this detrimental trend." 1
Talk to us today and find our how SysArc can help your mitigate potential NPAs.
1 Source: The Hindu­ Business Line

NPA Management is a robust solution that understands the intricate needs of various lending institutions.

Our in-house domain experts have decades of experience across the following industries and help us create solutions tailor-made for your institution.

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