• Significantly Reduce Costs
  • Identify Additional Risk
  • Collect Money Automatically
  • Significantly Reduce Costs
  • Identify Additional Risk
  • Collect Money Automatically

World-class Merchant Funding Automation Software

FUNDperfect is trusted by top industry leaders due to its turnkey implementation and quick return on investment.

How FUNDperfect Works

Submit the Application Online

Save substantial time with uncompromised efficiency to capture merchant and owner details in a single page user-friendly format. Sales representative and customers can create deals using the online forms where the merchant is pre-qualified and made eligible by pre-defining business rules in FUNDperfect. If the application is accepted, documents are signed online and stored in the archive for easy reporting.

Run a Risk Evaluation Report

FUNDperfect provides a comprehensive and easy to use funding calculator that assists in making informed decisions based on the merchant’s profile. Funding calculators determine the optimal loan amount and term, to ensure the business will remain healthy and repay the loan without the risk of damaging the merchant’s ability to stay in business.

Approve the Merchant's Fund

After underwriting is complete, the merchant’s application continues down the processing chain and is approved by the lender. This streamlined approach through a series of “flow points” ensures the application approvals are completed with considerable time and accuracy. Merchants often repeat business with funders due to the incredible simplicity of applying, approving, and releasing funds in a timely manner.

Enable Automated Collections

FUNDperfect enables collection of the repayment amounts on a daily basis in multiple methods. Through Credit Card Processors (split batch), Lock Box Operators (fed by the Processors), ACH Transfers, or Direct Payment by the merchants, funds are collected instantaneously, to help ensure timely repayment and to reduce bad debt.

Exceptional Features to Streamline the Process

With innovative industry specific features, FUNDperfect will save substantial time with uncompromised efficiency.
Sales Dashboard
Automated Collections
Sales Commission Eligibility
Funding Calculators
Detailed Reporting
Document Management
Instant Merchant Refinancing
Streamlined Workflows
Accounting Ledger
Merchant Interviews
iPhone App

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