Credit Card Processing System (CCPS)

With the progressive dynamics of today's credit market, it is necessary to deploy a robust solution to manage all aspects of a lending process. SysArc's Credit Card Processing System (CCPS) is a proven system deployed in one of the largest banks in Middle-east, capturing all the necessary details for processing an application including risk analysis, financial assessment and other vital considerations.

With automation infused in the core areas, we assist in accelerating your time to market with new offerings within the Credit Card domain through an easily configurable system. Furthermore, CCPS ensures that you attain a faster TAT for your application process through customizable and predefined rule engines.

Propelling features that provide maximum efficiency

  • MIS reporting & analytics capabilities to evaluate your process performance across various levels of your operations
  • Easy disbursement and management of accounts/cards through bulk and batch processing techniques
  • Deeply configurable and secured workflow for a precisely mapped process for each offering
  • Easy integration with multiple Core Banking System (CBS) and other third-party systems through APIs, web services and database links
  • Document Management System that helps you define and maintain documents of applicants, account holders and all card type related documentation that you may wish to manage through the system.

Card Application Initiation

This module is designed to capture the necessarily details of an applicant to prequalify using preset rations and subsequently deliver the reviewer/decision maker with a comprehensive picture, which in turn leads to a well-informed decision.

Upon successful capture the module then compares the data collected with the card type, interest rate, credit limit, validity and other items such as promotional features, credit shield and sub cards details. CCPS facilitates the user to initiate a variety of card types to meet the varying needs of a customer E.g. A primary card, Supplementary card, Add-on cards, Priority Pass Card (featured membership card with privileges on hotels, clubs and other VIP lounges.

Scoring and Risk Analysis

Comprehending the risk and rating it based on your preferences is one of the key success factors in lending. This risk associated with an individual applicant is mainly assessed through their ability to repay and is based on their discretionary income.

CCPS can be configured to apply the business rules with respect to the liquidity, liability and credit standing of an applicant.

Documentation Management Systems

CCPS captures information from various documents that are required to process an applicant's request. The system accommodates all credit card related documents maintained in two broad categories -

  • By Applicant - Documents that need to be submitted by the applicants
  • By Bank - Documents that need to be executed between the bank and the applicant

You could also predefine necessary documentation against the various products, which could be verified during each card application process.


A customizable workflow is amongst the core competencies of the Credit Card Processing System (CCPS) application. You may define the levels and workflow each application is required to take and align it to a specific product within the system. Consequently, this simplifies the effort and risks involved in manipulation and decision making of each application.

CCPS provides a fully configurable and incremental flow point based communication among various processing centers to process an application where each workflow action is authorized by users with role based privileges.

Each application in CCPS is processed using maker-checker validation to eliminate operational risk in the form of inaccuracies or fraud.

CCPS also maintains the detailed history of each workflow action to enable better understanding of the processing.

Card file generation and disbursement

Once the credit card number and their respective account number are generated and mapped, the card details need to be segregated based on card type and sent to an external system for plastic card generation.

CCPS simplifies this process by maintaining a unique and incremental batch number for each of the card type and allows the user to disburse the card details through a flat file generated against the required batch.

Card Maintenance and Servicing

CCPS can facilitate variant card servicing activities that could be processed in terms of bulk applications and as an individual application meeting wide range of customer requirements and promotions as listed below

  • Card Replacement

    Helps generate, map and manage a new card against a lost/damaged card.

  • Card Upgradation

    Manage upgrades of cards by mapping an old card to a whole new card/product with more benefits and limits.

  • Bulk Issuance

    Generate a secondary/supplementary card to the spouse of the primary card holder.

  • Bulk Priority

    Generate bulk Priority Pass Card for multiple primary cardholders.

  • Auto Account Transfer

    Enable automatic transfer and upgrade of a card/product to a whole new account and card number.

  • Auto Account Reversal

    Counter operation of the above-mentioned auto account transfer, where the new account number will be remapped to the old card number.

Retail Hub

CCPS supports processing of card applications from a centralized location like Retail Asset Centers (RAC) or Credit Initiation Units (CIU). Workflows can be designed in such a way that all the applications are collected in the branches and sent to the RACs for processing. The application could be initiated both at the branches and the RACs in parallel to make the process more efficient.

Direct Selling Agent (DSA)

CCPS has got the ability to process card applications through the bank appointed DSA or multiple selling agents (MSAs). Various charges, commission, incentives and performance appraisal for the DSA's could be calculated by the system automatically be predefine rule engines. CCPS also enables bulk upload of the details brought by the DSAs via a built-in bulk file upload interface for faster processing.